Front end web designer, audio producer, video editor, computer hardware/software support, and an all around good guy.


Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Phone: 702 -496 -6590

Email: jeremy.ornelas@gmail.com

Website: www.jeremyornelas.com

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HTML • CSS • Javascript
Graphic Design • Photo Editing
UI • UX • Wireframing
Audio Production
Video Editing

About Me

I’ve been extremely fortunate to be employed by Credit One Bank since 1999. I was hired as a Help Desk technician, where I worked daily to ensure all desktops, servers and the employees that relied upon them, had the very best working environment they could have. It was during this time I first found my interest in graphic and web design. In 2007 I was transferred from the IT department to Marketing. I was initially brought over as a web designer, but upper management quickly caught on and tapped in to my knowledge of hardware and software, and before I knew it we were spinning up our own web servers, allowing us to code and immediately publish new landing pages and microsites almost instantly. Fast forward a few years and the amount of servers we manage has tripled as well as our workload and throughput.

I am proficient in, and use all of the below software daily, to complete a wide variety of tasks:

In my spare time I love being creative with friends and family, playing and recording music, filming videos, playing video games, driving around the outdoors in my Jeep, camping, hiking and riding my bike. I'm a nerd at heart and love all things pop culture, such as music, movies, tv, books and comic books. I can often be found using lyrics or movie quotes as a form of communication, but I would never do that on my personal website.


Front End Web development

Front end web design and development is where I spend most of my time. I’ve been working as a front end designer, for Credit One Bank, for over 11 years. This encompasses prototyping, wireframing, all HTML, CSS, JS and jQuery for our production site, landing pages, microsites and email campaigns. I design all of our pages to be fully resposive, with a heavy push towards mobile-first. I am highly proficient in HTML5, CSS3, JS and jQuery which offer an endless array of creative output, and coupled with a good front end framework, such as Zurb’s Foundation or Bootstrap, the sky is the limit.

UI/UX Design

Sure, I get it. It's fun to rush straight to coding or designing in Photoshop, but before any of that happens it’s key to have a solid understand of the wants and needs of the customer. This is why it’s paramount to have a solid understanding of good user interface design coupled with a good user experience. Sure, I can make things fly in, rotate, and animate to my hearts content, but is that really what the customer wants to see? This is why it is crucial to think though, mock up, and wireframe out all your designs to ensure the customer journey works, good design is nothing if the intended user can’t understand how to use it.

audio and video

In this day and age a website will only get you so far. We are inundated, daily with audio and video, it’s literally everywhere you go. That’s why video, and its lessor thought of sidekick audio, play such a crucial role in web design and the overall online experience. Our customers and prospects demand a certain level of production value when they visit your site and this is just the beginning. I believe over the next few years, if you lack the ability to deliver clean, crisp, and FAST video content, your visitors will just move right along to the next site that does.

graphic design

I’m highly proficient with the Adobe Creative Suite. I’ve used Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design and even Fireworks for as long as I can remember. There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not jumping in and out of any or all of those apps to get a job done. Photo touch-ups, photo composites, manipulation, adding color to B&W images, creating high-fidelity mock-ups to demonstrate website design to peers and upper management, all of these traits are crucial and rely heavily on my foundation in graphic design.



2014 • CURRENT

Nevada State College

I am currently enrolled in their visual media degree program with an emphasis on interactive web with 11 classes left to go to finally get my bachelors degree. I had taken time off school, due to my career, and only recently started attending again.

1996 • 2000

Community College of Southern Nevada

I completed my general education courses at the Community College of Southern Nevada, or College of Souther Nevada (CSN), prior to starting my current career at Credit One Bank.

1992 • 1996

Chaparral High School

Ahh... high school, what a time. Not much to say about this except that I was in the accelerated program from my sophomore to senior year, a band/music geek and always got picked last for any kind of sporting activity.


2018 • CURRENT

Director of Web Development

Currently working on creating an online design system to strengthen the brand for ALL Credit One Bank web pages. This will allow us to more rapidly create & deploy web pages as we make the move towards componentizing our entire online presence. With an emphasis on reusable code, minification and accessibility; our team is now able to code faster and deliver more optimized & light-weight pages while getting them online quicker than ever before.

2016 • 2018

Senior Interactive Development Manager

I ran a team including myself and 4 front-end developers. We did everything from mapping out the customer journey through intensive data analysis, UI/UX design, prototyping, wireframing , maintaining (and policing) our corporate brand throughout ALL digital channels, server management and maintenance and believe it or not, we still found time to design and code all corporate web entities, including our main corporate website, our promotion landing pages, emails and microsites.

2007 • 2016

Interactive Development Manager

Daily tasks included graphic design, coding marketing email campaigns, landing pages, and microsites, audio voice over work, video editing using a variety of tools. I used wire framing tools daily to communicate ideas, then took those wireframes into Photoshop to create a richer more high-fidelity mock-up prior to getting buy off by the business to code and launch the pages and/or emails.

1999 • 2007

Help Desk Technician

Daily tasks including solving all hardware and software issues throughout the company for all departments. Server management, desktop support, help desk tracking and work orders were my life. I love the hardware/software side of technology and the skills that I acquired here are ones that I still rely on daily, to do my job.


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Jamie McMurray’s new Credit One Bank No. 1 Chevrolet SS debuts at the 2016 Toyota Owners 400

Credit One Bank

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48 Hour Film Project

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Square Shooting - Five Year Anniversary Video

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Hunger Strike (Acoustic Cover) - Temple of the Dog

Hunger Strike (Acoustic Cover) - Temple of the Dog

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Jamie McMurray’s new Credit One Bank No. 1 Chevrolet SS debuts at the 2016 Toyota Owners 400

Credit One Bank

Audio & Video

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Fun Stuff

Sparkle Motion!

After several years of whining, the kids finally convinced me that they were capable and ready to cover their very first song, so I let them name our band, pick the tune and we got to work. We recorded the audio over the course of 2 days and knocked the video out on a an afternoon. I must say, for the amount of time we put into this, I am very proud of them! I am sure they will be begging for more covers, so be prepared.


What do you do when your daughter constantly mixes household items to create "potions" all day / every day? You film her doing just that for your semester final video project, that’s what you do! And if that video just so happens to get 100%, is voted the best video of all classes that semester AND is selected to be screened for the Las Vegas Film Festival, you thank your lucky stars! Everything you see and hear in this video was created by me or ‘us’ as she would like to believe. Myself, I’m pretty fond of that kazoo in the background music, we don’t get that much kazoo stuff these days, it’s a shame really.


Ah Mother’s Day… I struggle with this holiday every year as I don’t like to do traditional things. Sure flowers and breakfast at the Hash House A Go Go are amazing and might earn me that coveted son-of-the-year-award (that chicken and waffles dish though, that thing... it's insane, and could easily feed an entire family). But for me, I prefer to go take the road less travelled, such as recording one of the songs her and I used to sing when I was a wee little lad. This is a track by a little band called The Beatles and she nailed it! Even better, is now we’ll always have something to remember that year by… those flowers and chicken and waffles would have been long forgotten by now.


I don’t know if you were aware, but the world ended on December 21st 2012, or so we were led to believe. This news really bummed me out, I along with most other people didn’t really want the world to end. I mean, I love Earth, it’s where I keep most of my stuff! So I figured what better way is there to celebrate the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar and the world itself, than to get together with 30 of your closest friends and record a song? I recorded the music on a Sunday and throughout the next 2 weeks everyone stopped by when they were available to lay down their vocals. After all the tracks were recorded, we spent 3 days mixing the 51 total tracks in hopes to have it ready to release on December 20, 2012. You can only imagine how irritated I was when the world really didn’t end! All that hard work for nothing.